Hail Storm Damage
Greenville SC & Surrounding Counties

Upstate SC experiences its fair share of strong thunderstorms that produce hail and hail damage (list of recent storms in the area). Hail can cause moderate to severe damage to roofs, siding, windows and gutters.

We've prepared some tips about hail damage so that you'll know what to expect, what to look for, and what to do if you think your home has been damaged.

Common misconceptions about hail damage

  1. I can't see any damage on my roof, so it's probably not worth the time or effort to call a contractor or my insurance company.
  2. I don't see any missing shingles and my roof isn't leaking, so I must not have damage.
  3. My roof is fairly new and it's covered by a warranty, so I don't need to call my insurance company about hail damage.
  4. If I file a claim, I'm worried that the insurance company might cancel me or penalize me.
  5. I'm worried that my homeowner's insurance premium might go up if I file a claim.

How to determine if you have hail damage

Hail damage is not always immediately obvious, and if hail has fallen in your area you should request an estimate from a professional after even a mild storm. Most contractors provide free estimates, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Your roof may look fine from the ground, but you can miss telltale signs of damage that don't look too bad right now, but can cause leaks and water damage weeks or months from now.

Evidence of loose granules

Asphalt and composition shingles have a top layer of colored granules. The granules are used for decorative purposes to add various shades of color, and also to add a layer of protection on top of the asphalt to protect it from the sun. Asphalt that is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time can soften, dry up and crack, allowing rain to penetrate beneath the shingles.

When hail strikes your roof it often loosens and dislodges these granules, and the rain washes them down the roof into your gutters. If you see piles of granules in your gutters (view image) or below your downspsouts, you need to investigate further.

It's often difficult to determine whether or not a shingle roof needs to be replaced after a hail storm because damage is not readily evident.

As you can see from the dates below, the majority of hail storms in Upstate SC occur during the Spring and Summer months.

Hail damage is not always obvious if you don't know what you're looking for, especially when looking up from the ground. Damage to roof vents and gutters is easy to spot by looking for dents and dings. Shingle damage shows up as random light or dark spots (depending on the color of your shingles) across the expanse of the roof where the hail has impacted and knocked loose the protective granules, exposing the asphalt layer below.

If you think your roof has been damaged by a hail storm, use this hail damage checklist as a guide while walking around your house. If you think you've got wind damage, see the wind damage page for additional information.

Hail Damage Inspection

An experienced roofer can give you a detailed estimate of the cost to repair your roof, but your insurance may cover additional damage resulting from hail storms.

As soon as possible after a hailstorm, walk around outside with a pad and pen and make notes of storm damage. Log the date and time and make your notes as detailed as possible.

  • Did you lose power? Did you have to throw away food in the refrigerator/freezer?
  • Torn screens?
  • Gutters - are they dimpled, broken, split apart at seams?
  • Siding - dimpled, torn, hanging loose?
  • Garage door - dimpled?
  • Windows - damaged or broken?
  • Skylights - damages, broken or leaking?
  • Condition of furniture and fixtures on patios, porches, decks?
  • Damage to exterior lighting fixtures?
  • Is damage visible on your HVAC unit (example image)? Hail blown sideways in high winds can damage the A/C condensing unit.
  • Check swimming pools, swingsets, fences and all outside decorative items for damage

Hail Storm Dates and Locations

Hail Storms in 2017

  • Greenville

  • (03/21/17)Greenville, Greenville County SC, 5:45pm 1" hail reported near Mcdaniel And Belmont Aves.
  • (03/21/17)Greenville, Greenville County SC, 5:50pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail Reported At The Corner Of Washington And Mcbee In Downtown Greenville.
  • (03/21/17)Greenville, Greenville County SC, 6:02pm 1" Quarter Size Hail In Downtown Greenville.

  • Taylors

  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 4:00pm 1" hail reported
  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 4:32pm 1.25" Half Dollar Size Hail Off Thompson Rd. In Taylors
  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 4:35pm 1" Quarter Size Hail At East Lee Rd And Avon Dr
  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 4:40pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail Off Old Spartanburg Rd.
  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 4:45pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail Near Eastside High School
  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 4:52pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail And Small Limbs Down Off Wade Hampton Rd
  • (03/21/17)Taylors, Greenville County SC, 5:05pm 1" Quarter Size Hail Off St. Martin Rd

  • Greer

  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 4:50pm 1" Quarter Size Hail In Greer
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 4:50pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail Near Pelham
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 4:54pm 2" Hail. Damage To Cars And Vinyl Siding
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 5:00pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail I-85 At Pelham
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 5:20pm 2.5" Hail On Shelter Dr. In Greer
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Spartanburg County SC, 5:24pm 1.75" Golf Ball Size Hail Falling At GSP Airport.
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 5:25 2" Hail On Overcup Ct In Greer From 5:25-5:50pm. Damage To Siding.
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 5:30pm 2" Hail Near Buena Vista Grade School In Taylors
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Greenville County SC, 5:57pm 2.5" Hail At Hudson Rd And Old Spartanburg Rd.
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Spartanburg County SC, 6:15pm 3" Hailstone About Half A Mile South Of The Gsp Airport.
  • (03/21/17)Greer, Spartanburg County SC, 6:21pm 1.5" Hail In The Shelbourne Farms neighborhood In Greer

  • Duncan

  • (03/21/17)Duncan, Spartanburg County SC, 5:22pm Windshields Broken By 1.75" Hail At The BMW Manufacturing Plant In Greer.

  • Simpsonville

  • (03/21/17)Simpsonville, Greenville County SC, 6:40pm 1" Quarter Sized Hail.
  • (03/21/17)Simpsonville, Greenville County SC, 11:42pm 1" Quarter Sized Hail.
  • (03/21/17)Simpsonville, Greenville County SC, 11:43pm Trained Spotter Reported 1" Quarter Size Hail In Simpsonville

  • Travelers Rest

  • (03/21/17)Travelers Rest, Greenville County SC, 4:03pm 1.75", Golf Ball Size Hail Off Feversham Ct.
  • (03/21/17)Travelers Rest, Greenville County SC, 5:01pm 2" Hail Reported off Mosteller Rd in Travelers Rest
  • (03/21/17)Travelers Rest, Greenville County SC, 5:45pm 1" Quarter Size Hail Reported In Travellers Rest.
  • (03/21/17)Travelers Rest, Greenville County SC, 4:23pm 1.75" Hail To Golfball Size Covering The Ground
  • (03/21/17)Travelers Rest, Greenville County SC, 5:15pm Golf Ball Size Hail Broke Sunroof In Travelers Rest

  • Marietta

  • (03/21/17)Marietta, Greenville County SC, 4:15pm 1.50" Ping Pong Ball Size Hail
  • (03/21/17)Marietta, Greenville County SC, 4:17pm 1.75", Media Report Of Ping Pong Size Hail In North Cleveland

  • Tigerville

  • (03/21/17)Tigerville, Greenville County SC, 5:14pm Nickel To Quarter Size Hail (1") at Groce Meadow Rd and Beaver Brook Ct
  • (03/21/17)Tigerville, Greenville County SC, 4:55pm 1.5" Ping Pong Ball Size Hail At North Greenville University
  • (03/21/17)Tigerville, Greenville County SC, 4:10pm Quarter Size Hail Off Starview Rd In Travelers Rest
  • (03/21/17)Tigerville, Greenville County SC, 5:40pm 1.5" Hail & Water Overflowing Drainage Ditches & onto Locust Hill Rd.

  • Oconee County

  • (03/21/17)Seneca, Oconee County SC, 4:10pm Hail Up To Quarter Size At High Falls County Park
  • (03/21/17)Walhalla, Oconee County SC, 4:33pm Quarter Sized Hail At Oconee Station State Historic Site
  • (03/21/17)Salem, Oconee County SC, 5:26pm Quarter To Half Dollar Size Hail Reported In Salem

  • Pickens County

  • (03/21/17)Six Mile, Pickens County SC, 10:55pm 1" Pea To Quarter Sized Hail At The Reserve At Lake Keowee.

Hail Storms in Prior Years

  • (07/10/14)Greer, Spartanburg County (Public report of quarter size hail on Hwy 357)
  • (06/19/14)Gaffney, Cherokee County (had hail up to quarter sized hail with hail falling for up to 10 minutes)
  • (06/19/14)Greenville, Greenville County (Ham radio operator relayed quarter size hail near Berea High School)
  • (06/19/14)Spartanburg, Spartanburg County (Not far from Pacolet, report of ping pong ball size hail. Some wind but not enough to blow down big limbs.)
  • (06/18/14)Lyman, Spartanburg County (Up to 1-inch hail west of Wellford)
  • (06/16/14)Chesnee, Spartanburg County
  • (06/11/14)Clemson, Pickens County (Up to golf ball size hail reported by the public north of Liberty)
  • (06/10/14)Greer, Spartanburg County (Public report of quarter size hail on Hwy 357)
  • (05/25/14)Mauldin, Greenville County (Ham radio operator reported quarter size hail on Barrett Drive)
  • (05/25/14)Mauldin, Greenville County (Public reports quarter size hail on Butler Road)
  • (05/23/14)Clemson, Pickens County (Up to golf ball size hail reported off Country Club Road just north of Liberty)
  • (05/23/14)Greer, Spartanburg County (Ham radio operator reported dime to quarter size hail at Hwy 80 and Wade Hampton Blvd.)
  • (05/23/14)Easley, Pickens County (Up to half-dollar size hail reported just off Main Street in Easley)
  • (05/23/14)Reidville, Spartanburg County ()CAr dents, damaged shingles, shredded leaves
  • (05/23/14)Moore, Spartanburg County (Social media report shows hail the size of tennis ball in Moore SC)
  • (05/23/14)Moore, Spartanburg County (Gold ball size hail reported off Glencrest Drive in Moore)
  • (05/23/14)Reidville, Spartanburg County (NSSL Shave Project relayed multiple reports of large hail near Reidville, the largest being 2.25" diameter)
  • (05/23/14)Spartanburg, Spartanburg County (Up to golf ball size hail reported at Spartanburg Regional Hospital)
  • (05/23/14)Spartanburg, Spartanburg County (1-inch hail in West Spartanburg)
  • (05/23/14)Spartanburg, Spartanburg County (Hail at least one inch in diameter at Croft State Park)
  • (05/10/14)Simpsonville, Greenville County (Quarter size hail West Georgia Road at Greenville Tech)
  • (05/10/14)Chesnee, Spartanburg County (hail fell for 8-10 minutes. Most hail was the size of peas and marbles. The largest stones were quarter sized. Reported via social media.)
  • (08/01/13)Walhalla, Oconee County (up to 1-inch hail and gusty winds in Walhalla)
  • (08/01/13)Greenville, Greenville County (up to 1-inch hail SSE of Fork Shoals Road
  • (07/25/13)Mauldin, Greenville County (National Severe Storms Lab relayed public report of quarter-sized hail off Miller Road)
  • (07/25/13)Greenville, Greenville County (up to 1-inch hail reported at 230 Roper Mountain Road Extension)
  • (07/25/13)Greer, Spartanburg County (1-inch hail reported NE of Greer)
  • (07/25/13)Mayo, Cherokee County (up to golf ball-sized hail off Iron Ridge Road)
  • (07/17/13)Taylors, Greenville County (2-inch hail larger that golf balls fell along Hwy 290 south of Lake Robinson. Damage reported. Described as half the size of a man's fist.)
  • (07/17/13)Anderson, Anderson County (National Weather Service employee reported quarter-sized hail near Lake Hartwell in the Sandy Springs Community)
  • (07/17/13)Clemson, Pickens County (hail observed near Highways 133 and 123)
  • (07/17/13)Taylors, Greenville County (2-inch hail larger than golf balls fell along Hwy 290 south of Lake Robinson. Damage reported. Described as half the size of a man's fist.)
  • (07/12/13)Easley, Pickens County (1-inch hail and strong wind gusts observed)
  • (07/17/13)Greer, Greenville County (Quarter-sized hail on north side of Greer, location marked on radar under the core of the storm)
  • (06/28/13)Greenville, Greenville County (quarter-sized hail near Hwy 14 and Woodruff Road)
  • (06/26/13)Union, Union County (1-inch hail reported)
  • (05/23/13)Inman, Spartanburg County (1-inch hail reported near the intersection of Sugar Ridge Road and Clark Road ENE of Inman)
  • (05/22/13)Travelers Rest, Greenville County (1-inch hail in Travelers Rest)
  • (07/18/12)Spartanburg (quarter to nickel sized hail reported)
  • (07/17/12)Spartanburg
  • (07/05/12)Spartanburg
  • (07/16/12)Mauldin (Quarter-sized hail reported)
  • (07/16/12)Greenwood
  • (07/16/12)Thicketty (Hail reported from dime-sized to nickel-sized)
  • (05/22/12)Fountain Inn (Quarter size hail reported hail reported)
  • (05/22/12)Pelzer (up to 1-inch hail reported by spotters)
  • (05/22/12)Clinton (Ping-pong ball size hail)
  • (05/16/12)Roebuck (Quarter size hail on Templeton Drive)
  • (05/16/12)Fountain Inn (1.24 inch hail in Fountain Inn)
  • (04/30/12)Gowensville (hail reported)
  • (04/27/12)Westminster (hail reported)
  • (04/27/12)Fair Play (hail reported)
  • (04/26/12)Easley (nickel to quarter sized hail reported)
  • (04/17/12)Walhalla (quarter sized hail reported)
  • (04/17/12)Simpsonville (quarter sized hail in SImpsonville)
  • (04/05/12)Caesars Head (quarter sized hail covered the ground)
  • (04/05/12)Woodruff (hail reported)
  • (04/05/12)Gowensville (hail reported around Cockrell Road)
  • (04/05/12)Inman (hail reported)
  • (04/05/12)Boiling Springs (Fire Department reports up to 1-inch hail)
  • (04/05/12)Union (hail covered the ground at Bonham Fire Department)
  • (04/05/12)Greer (reports of up to 1-inch hail)
  • (04/05/12)Duncan (1-inch hail reported by spotters)
  • (03/31/12)Greenville (hail reported in various locations around Greenville)
  • (03/31/12)Six Mile (brief quarter sized hail reported)
  • (03/31/12)Travelers Rest (hail reported at Altamont and Old Buncombe Roads)
  • (03/31/12)Greenwood (ping pong ball sized hail reported)
  • (03/31/12)Ninety Six, Hodges (quarter-size hail reported)
  • (03/31/12)Ware Shoals (hail reported)
  • (03/02/12)Roebuck (reports of inch-and-a-quarter hail)
  • (01/11/12)Fingerville (up to 1-inch hail reported off Hwy 9)
  • (09/25/11)Laurens (half-dollar sized hail reported)
  • (08/14/11)Fountain Inn
  • (08/14/11)Iva (dime to quarter-sized hail fell)
  • (08/12/11)Liberty (half-dollar sized hail estimated)
  • (08/07/11)Spartanburg (Drayton Post Office reports quarter-sized hail)
  • (08/07/11)Union (spotters report quarter-sized hail)
  • (07/31/11)Laurens (quarter-sized hail reported)
  • (07/04/11)Cowpens
  • (06/21/11)Laurens
  • (06/19/11)Fountain Inn (quarter-sized hail)
  • (06/19/11)Simpsonville (East Georgia Rd. Area)
  • (06/19/11)Five Forks
  • (06/19/11)Enoree
  • (06/18/11)Seneca (ice cube-sized hail on Coneross Creek Rd)
  • (06/15/11)Reidville (up to half-dollar sized hail reported)
  • (06/15/11)Campobello (1-inch hail)
  • (06/15/11)Lyman (hail larger than 1-inch in diameter reported)
  • (06/15/11)Greer (golf ball-sized hail reported near Lake Robinson)
  • (06/15/11)Tigerville (1-inch hail two miles North of Tigerville)
  • (06/15/11)Greenwood
  • (06/15/11)Cokesbury (several large limbs down)
  • (06/12/11)Salem (golf ball-sized hail falling at Hwy 11)
  • (06/10/11)Pendleton (quarter-sized hail fell on Hwy 88)
  • (06/09/11)Chesnee (penny to quarter-sized hail fell)
  • (06/08/11)Anderson (dime to quarter-size hail on Dunn Ave)
  • (06/08/11)Pelzer (quarter-sized hail reported)
  • (06/08/11)Easley (quarter-sized hail reported)
  • (06/06/11)Anderson, Easley, Pelzer
  • (06/05/11)Joanna
  • (06/05/11)Taylors (ping pong ball-sized hail reported)
  • (06/05/11)Walhalla (hail reported in 300 block of Falcons Nest Road)
  • (06/05/11)Simpsonville (hail reported in two separate areas of Simpsonville)
  • (06/05/11)Clinton (hail reported on Dillon Drive)
  • (06/05/11)Belton (reports of cornfield flattened by hail)
  • (06/02/11)Spartanburg (quarter-sized hail at Strange Court)
  • (06/01/11)Pumpkintown (quarter-sized hail reported by law officer)
  • (05/26/11)Greenville (tree limbs reported down)
  • (05/26/11)Townville (tree limbs reported down)
  • (05/26/11)Laurens (quarter-sized hail reported)
  • (05/17/11)Seneca (ping pong ball-sized hail reported)
  • (05/11/11)Mountain Rest (hail reported at Oconee State Park)
  • (05/11/11)Long Creek (gold ball to baseball-sized hail reported)
  • (05/11/11)Salem (quarter-sized hail reported at Devils Fork State Park)
  • (05/11/11)Walhalla (baseball-sized hail reported)
  • (05/10/11)Simpsonville (half dollar-sized hail reported)
  • (05/10/11)Tigerville (hail covering the ground)
  • (05/10/11)Taylors (hail reported at Sandy Flat Road)
  • (05/10/11)Spartanburg
  • (05/10/11)Mauldin (one-inch hail reported)
  • (05/10/11)Greer
  • (05/10/11)Greenville (golf ball-sized hail reported by Boiling Springs Fire Dept.)
  • (05/10/11)Campobello
  • (05/03/11)Greenwood
  • (05/03/11)Cokesbury (quarter-sized hail reported in Cokesbury)
  • (04/27/11)Cleveland
  • (04/25/11)Fair Play (spotter on Misty Acres Dr. reported hail)
  • (04/04/11)Cowpens
  • (04/04/11)Honea Path
  • (04/04/11)Ninety-Six
  • (03/19/11)Greenville (Gantt Fire Dept. reports hail)
  • (03/19/11)Gray Court (golf ball-sized hail reported)
  • (03/19/11)Cross Hill
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